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Congratulations, you have just purchased the most complete package of information marketing instruction on earth - I literally consider this my capstone product and achievement in information marketing.

Take this material, listen to it, study it, use it - and begin today building your own automated information business using my techniques.


Sean Mize

Before you begin this program...a few words in advance.

First - this information is extremely concise.

There is NO FLUFF.

If you do not listen carefully, you can easily miss a critical concept.

I recommend listening to each recording at least 3 times.


Ok, ready?


Let's get started!


Listen to this first:

Complete Information Marketing Model

Listen to this next:

30 Day Action Plan


Listen to this only after you have created a couple of products and are beginning to create an integrated email marketing campaign that effectively markets multiple products. NOTE: this will be VERY CONFUSING the first time you listen to it. And even more confusing if you haven't already done the steps in the 30 Day Action Plan:

Integrated Perpetual Launch Email Campaign


Supplementary Information (this is NON-CRITICAL information, only listen to this for further understanding and clarification. Do NOT allow this to cloud or crowd out the fundamentals taught in the rest of this program)

Supplementary Analysis of Info Business Model

How to Master Your Time With Action and Goal Management Instead of Time Management

Supplementary Comments on Fast Product Creation


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