"Announcing My Brand New Business Model"

Do NOT read this unless you want to learn one of the deepest, darkest secrets of the internet marketing rich and why they are NOT building a simple niche business like they have been teaching you to do.

Warning: if you read this you will finally *GET* how some people are making LOADS of cash online - and others make NOTHING

From: Sean Mize, Internet Marketer

To: You IF you are tired of watching others make big bucks on linewhile you make little or NOTHING

Have you ever thought, “this online business money making thing must be easier than it seems right now?”

I mean, really, every week it seems, some 24 year old, wet behind the ears, couldn’t finish college (or even get in) kid, who has long hair, tattoos, and you wouldn’t let him near your grown daughter if he offered a $50k deposit to take her to a public place for a date....THIS kid launches some $37 product on clickbank, with a $97 upsell, gets a few hundred people to promote it...makes $100k almost overnight - then has 1000 people enrolled in a $37 per month continuity program that makes him $37,000 each month like clockwork.

And of course, in a couple of months, he launches something else.

Or better yet, he teaches his new blond, bubble-headed ditzy girlfriend, whom he just met after his windfall, trying to spend his money as fast as it comes in, how to build a business just like his - and in 3 months she makes $475,987.34 in internet marketing - and launches a $37 product on clickbank to show you how.

Now - in both of these cases, you buy the product, maybe you buy the upsell (and of course in making the purchase you contribute to this raunchy kid and his girlfriends’ new-found wealth) - and you read the measly little pdf or watch a few videos - you see him teach something really simple - and you think - ok, I’ll do that.

And a couple of days later, you are so frustrated with cpanel or autoresponders, or writing emails, or trying to make a sales letter or whatever, that you decide that is just one more $37 payment you made that didn’t make you a return.

It’s only $37, who cares?

I know, I’ve been there, done that.

So then you think, ok, I gotta stop buying these little measly products - and get some REAL training.

So you start buying legitimate $97 training programs.

You get it in the mail or download it online.

There are 12 hours of training.

You dutifully listen to all 12 hours, and you know a whole lot more about the topic than you knew when you got started.

But you are lost - where to start, now you have so much information you don’t know what to do with it.

So then you talk with the person who created the training, and you realize that what you really need is someone to walk you through the process, step by step, hold your hand and show you how to do it.

So you invest $5000 in a year long coaching program on what to do and how to do it.

And everything goes well the first few weeks, as you start to implement what you are being taught. And it really feels good to have someone to ask questions of.

And start making some progress.

But after a couple of months you realize that for all the work you are doing, you still aren’t making money.

You still didn’t make the $475,987.34 the blond bimbo claimed to make her first 3 months online.

So what gives?

First of all - who HAS made money as you have gone through this journey?

The raunchy 24 year old tatted up kid who can’t finish college (or get in)

The blond bimbo who just met the raunchy 24 year old guy

The guru you paid $5000 to

Who hasn’t made any money?


Now - there are 2 things you might be thinking right now:

Well, I guess that this shows that the way to make money online is to just sell worthless stuff with a glitzy sales page and take everybody’s money like they have taken mine


I don’t want to be a sleazeball and sell stuff nobody needs that doesn’t work just to make money online

Of course, the first is unethical (although a lot of money is made that way online) and the second is not going to make you any money.

So, wait you say, I want to make money online, but I want to make it helping people.

You are thinking, surely other real people helping real people are making money online, right?

And before I go further - you are right - in each niche there is usually one, two, three people, maybe a few more, making money teaching people in that niche.

So yes, it is possible.

But let me ask you this, how many people tried to start a business in that niche, trying to do all the things you’ve been taught for years like build a squeeze page, drive traffic to it, write emails, build a relationship, and sell to the list, and are NOT one of the 1-3 people in that niche making money?

1000? 10,000? maybe depending on the niche, 100,000?

And only a few are making money?

Maybe you are one of the “casualties”

You have built a squeeze page, tried to drive traffic, tried to write emails, tried to create products and sell them, or tried to sell affiliate products and sell them.

But you still don’t have a business.

And everything I just mentioned is HARD work, right?

So what gives?

The way you are doing it just isn’t working, is it?

By the way, let me say this - that’s how I did it. And I was one of the few people out of 1000 or 10,000 who actually made it.

It was hard work.

I started from scratch in 2006. For 10 months, I wrote 150 articles per month for a total of 1500 articles in 10 months. My fifth month I started paying writers in India and the Philippines $4 per article to write articles for me. 5 years later, my ezinearticles account has over 24,000 articles in it (do the math on my investment over time)

My first 13 months online, I wrote personally 13 ebooks, created a digital toolkit, and launched a coaching program.

My 13th month online I made $15,347 in revenue.

And for the last 4 years, I have continued to create and launch products to my list, bought traffic, paid people to write articles to get me traffic, gotten thousands and thousands of subscribers, and sold them products and coaching programs.

Each month I make more than most people in the world make in a year.

But I didn’t do it overnight, and I didn’t do it the way 24 year old wonderkid did it, or his blond bimbo girlfriend did it.


And the sad thing is - probably 999 other people just like me started in August of 2006 just like me - and they DIDN’T make it.

That’s right - most people who plod along the way I did - DON’T make it.

It’s not easy.

It requires ultra-laser focus.

Let’s face it.

Most people can’t focus like I do.

Most people can’t work 12 hours without stopping when creating a new product or creating a new system, like I can.

Most people can’t record a 12 hour series in 3 days, write a sales letter the next day, and sell 50 copies at $97 the next day like I can.

So what gives?

How can you REALLY make money online?

You don’t want to do it the way I did it - hard work for months and months, with a 1 in a 1000 chance of hitting it big like I did.

You don’t want to do it by swindling people by selling them something that won’t work but because a billion people bought it you make money.

You can’t do it in your favorite passionate niche because let’s face it - your odds are less than 1 in a 1000 that you will succeed (I mean, really how does this sound when you say it to your wife: “Honey, I am going to spend $5000 and the next year of my life for a 1 in a 1000 chance that I can quit working my day job and work full time online”?

That’s not real appealing, is it?

And yet - the way you are doing it, that’s really what’s going on.

So where am I going with this?

First, let me ask you this - what if there WERE a better way?

What if you COULD create a legitimate online business that didn’t have a 1 in a 1000 chance of succeeding, but instead was GUARANTEED to succeed as long as you did it right?

What if you COULD put yourself in the position of 24 year old raunchy kid with tattoos and no education - but do it 100% ETHICALLY so that when someone paid you - they got results?

What if you really COULD make money showing others a simple way to improve their lot in life by following a really simple system that would get them what they want out of life?

What if you could EASILY create a super-simple marketing method for people in your niche, that all they had to do was plug-and-play in order to make money for themselves?

Would you feel GOOD about taking their $37 payment, because you KNEW that if they did a little copy and paste, following your SYSTEM exactly, they WOULD make money online?

How would that feel, making money online in such a way that you KNEW you were giving your buyers value?


If that would feel good to you - if you would like to make a full time income online teaching others how to build a real online business - read on.

But if you don’t want to make money that way - teaching others how to - and making it super-simple for them - but instead you are dead-set on trying to sell people your brilliant idea in your niche - and you would rather build a business from scratch, build a squeeze page, learn to drive traffic, learn to write emails, create multiple products, write multiple sales letters, and work really hard for 5-10 years creating your business - for a 1 in a 1000 chance at success - do NOT keep reading.

Because this is NOT for you.

Ok, so at this point, now that those people who really want to do it the hard way have stopped reading - I’ll share with you how so many people ARE making a KILLING online.

And frankly, they don’t want you to know what I am going to share with you here.

You’ve probably suspected it as you have bought their products, and seen their systems.

But you didn’t know how to duplicate it, because it all sounded REALLY complicated to do.

And up until now, it HAS been REALLY complicated to do.

So let me explain how it works.

Let’s go back to 24 year old raunchy, dropout kid.

This is what he does.

He finds a few plr or mrr products that he likes, aren’t sold too much, and have a good sales page and have good content.

He enrolls his newly - bought products in an affiliate program so that if someone buys them he makes 30%, and his affiliates make 70%.

So far, so good, right?

You could do that, right?

But this where you get stuck:

Then he hires someone (or does it himself, since even though he’s a college dropout he’s not as dumb as he looks, he’s really a crack programmer) to program some software so that if someone buys his $37 training program, he can let them push a few buttons, and out pops all the coding necessary for the new buyer to simply send THEIR traffic to a specially-coded squeeze page that builds subscribers for the new buyer, and puts those new subscribers into an automated email campaign that automatically sells his affiliate products to them.

Then when YOU buy his program - YOU make 70% of every sale made through the autoresponder and he makes 30%.

So it really seems like a great deal for you.

And because he has a crack programmer create all the code for him - the whole process only takes 30 minutes to install so that it works for you (you have heard all those video sales letters that promise “up and running in 30 minutes - on autopilot” - that’s what many of those are, or some derivative.

Of course, you still have to drive traffic.

But if the installed sequence makes you enough money, you can.

But we’ll get back to that in a minute.

First let’s run some numbers.

Let’s say 24 year old kid (let’s call him Johnny, instead of continuing to insult his intelligence) - Johnny sells 100 people on his cool new 30 minute autopilot system (sound familiar?????)

And let’s say these people (let’s call them operators) each take the 30 minutes to set up the system, and have a fully working squeeze page that puts each new subscriber into the automated funnel that sends out the sales emails from the products.

And let’s say that each operator gets 100 new subscribers.

And let’s even say that each operator who gets 100 new subscribers invests $100 to get those subscribers (let’s make this realistic)

Now, let’s assume each subscriber goes through a 100 email funnel that converts, let’s say 10% of the subscribers into buyers.

So there are 10 buyers.

Let’s assume the product is a $60 product.

And the commission is 70%, so each operator gets paid $42 for each sale.

Multiply that times 10 buyers - so you have $420 in revenue.

Not a bad return on a $100 investment in traffic to get 100 subscribers, but not exactly full time income either, right?

But let’s shift gears for a second here, and talk about what happens for Johnny, the guy that sold all these 100 operators the system in the first place.

So Johnny made $3700 ($37 times 100 operators) up front, right?

And he makes 30% of the $60 product price for each sale you (the operator) makes.

So that is $18.

Now, each operator makes 10 sales (remember, that’s how the operators made $420, 10 sales times $42).

So $18 times 10 sales = $180.

So each time YOU (the operator) makes $420, Johnny makes $180.

Now, Johnny has 100 operators, remember - so let’s do the math - 100 operators times $180 = $18,000 in revenue.

That’s $18,000 for Johnny compared to $420 for you!!!

Did you get that?

When YOU buy Johnny’s system for $37 and invest $100 in traffic and make $420 (a net profit of $320 - $37 for training - so a net, net profit of $283) - and he sells just 99 more people just like you - Johnny makes $18,000!

Are you seeing this?

So - who’s shoes should you be in - YOURS - who is always buying these little systems that make you a LITTLE money - or JOHNNY’S - who makes BIG MONEY because he makes 30% of everything you make?

Now, before I go any further - let me say this - if you don’t like this model - if you want to just keep on doing what you have been doing, listening to the so-called gurus who are telling you to just “follow your passion” and the “money will follow” - that’s okay with me - but before you write this off - let me ask you this - how is following your passion working out for you?

Is it making the money you want to make online?


Well perhaps you are now saying, but I really want to help people, I don’t really care about the money. Well, if that’s really true, stop trying to sell your stuff. Start giving it all away. Really help people in your niche. Put all the gurus in your niche out of business. Give everything away. Stop trying to sell your things, because the money’s not important to you.

But now you are saying, wait, Sean, it’s not that I don’t want to make money - I just want to make money helping people in MY NICHE.

Ok, so here is what I suggest - STOP trying to make money in YOUR NICHE and instead make money where the money is. And then take 50% of your new-found money and use it to GIVE AWAY to EVERY SINGLE person in your niche - EVERYTHING they need to be helped by you.

Did you get that - make money in the money - making arenas online and GIVE YOUR NICHE KNOWLEDGE AWAY!

Let me give you a real world example, then I’ll get back to how to monetize what I have been teaching you.

You know that guy Bill Gates? So he and his wife Melinda have given like $28 BILLION dollars to help people out in poor countries, help people solve AIDS, etc. $28 BILLION dollars.

That’s a lot of help, right?

But he didn’t MAKE the MONEY solving AIDS. Nope - he made it where the money is. And then he took a percentage of it to help people.

So if you really want to help people in your niche - stop trying to make a living off the people in your niche. Instead, make the money where the money is - and then take a percentage of your money and use it to help your niche?

Get it?

Okay, let’s go back to how the money is REALLY made online.

Let me say it this way - the people who are really making money online are the ones that are selling lots of stuff to lots of people. And the ones who have lots of people selling their stuff for them are making a lot more than the people who are just selling their stuff.

And there are just a few niches online where A LOT of the money is made - there are 3 big ones - weight loss, dating, and make money online.

So if you want to make BIG money online you need to get into one of these BIG MONEY niches.

Now, if you are like me, you don’t want to mess with all the legal requirements of helping people lose weight. I mean, imagine if someone has a heart attack and dies using your system? Maybe they lock you up for 25 years?? No thanks, no weight loss for me.

And what about dating?

Well, a lot of the “dating” stuff is a cover for “learning how to sleep around, cheat on your wife, get fast sex, etc.”, right? Okay, I’m out - I just don’t want to be involved in that, and I imagine you don’t either.

So that leaves the make money online niche.

And we’ve already established that almost no one gets rich in ANY NICHE online - including making money niche - by setting up shop and selling a few products.

They get rich by setting up a system so they can sell THOUSANDS of people each month.

And the easiest way to get thousands of people selling stuff each month is to create a plug - in automated system that someone just pushes a few buttons to set up, then sends traffic to it, the traffic buys, and the “Johnny” of the system (you) gets paid a percentage each time anyone in the system buys something in the system.

Now you are probably thinking, well this is really complicated.

And you are right.

But the truth of the matter is this - the people who are doing this are the ones making the money.

Look, think about the last affiliate product you promoted. You made, what $200 on a handful of sales. But the owner of the SYSTEM made $100 per affiliate. Times how many affiliates - 1000, 10,000??? You do the math.

So let me ask you this, if I could show you a really SIMPLE way to set up a system just like this, just like the pros use, would you use it?

Would you set it up just like I taught you to do, and then would you get as many people as possible to start using your system?

Now, please understand - I am not talking about being one of the end users in this system. I am talking about being the “Johnny” of this system.

Do you want to be the “Johnny” of the system?

Ok, let me say this.

The reason most people don’t become the “Johnny” of the system is this: first, most people don’t know this system exists. They might think it exists, like you probably have, but you didn’t know how it works, like you do now.

And second, even if they figure out that this is where the real money is made online - they wouldn’t have a clue of how to set up their “Johnny” system.


Because when you start thinking about it, you start thinking, well, I don’t know how to program, and if I hired someone to program this system, I wouldn’t even know what to tell them to do, I wouldn’t know how to make everything fit together.

Right? I mean, that’s what you are thinking, now, right?

And up until now - that was absolutely correct.

You see, first you have to design the overall system.

Then you have to find all the products that are going to go into the system.

Then you have to code all the pages of each product so that the person selling it gets the credit.

And you have to code it so that someone only has to push a few buttons in some software to make all the products - 10, 20, 30, or more - all get automatically updated with their seller information.

And you have to code it so that you have a way to automatically make squeeze pages and download pages that are coded with the seller information - and make it all really simple for someone to do.

And when you think about all of that - and you think of all the other steps that are involved, you just think, “it’s not worth the trouble”, right?

That’s what I used to think.

But I have discovered a really easy way to build a system like this so that I can be a Johnny in this system.

And it is really easy to copy what I am going to do, so that you can be your own Johnny.

Would you like that?

Would you like to see behind the scenes EXACTLY how to create the EXACT system others use to be like Johnny, making thousands of dollars each month on the work of others?

Would you like to learn each step, exactly how it is done, exactly how you can do it yourself?

If so - let me ask you this - if I teach you, will you DO IT? Will you become your own Johnny and create a life changing income for yourself?

Because if you are not - then don’t take action and sign up to work with me on this. Because if you aren’t going to act on your knowledge, then there is no good reason for you to pay me to teach you, is it?

And let me say one more thing - I want to be very clear about this - I am going to be showing you how to BECOME a Johnny - NOT to just be one of the end players who plug in the software and make Johnny money.

Which means that although the system I create, and the system you create by copying what I do, will be 30 minute simple for your buyers to install, use, and make you money using - creating the actual system will require WORK. HARD WORK.

However, I have designed this system to operate using the easiest possible methods - meaning that you won’t have to go out and buy a bunch of software or hire a crack programmer and pay him $25,000 to create the coding, but instead you will be using common tools, easily available tools, to do the work - and you can do all the work yourself, you don’t have to outsource it (of course, if you want to, you can - but you don’t have to).

Ok, are you ready for the details?

First I want to say this - normally when someone like me creates a system like this, they create it first, they use it and milk it for a year, make a few million off it - THEN they tell others “do you want to learn how I did it, if so, I will show you how I DID IT”.

The problem with this is that they usually give you the edited version, right? They don’t show you all the mistakes they made - for 2 reasons, 1) they don’t want you to know they make mistakes, right? and 2) they probably forgot most of the mistakes anyway, right?

But then what happens is when YOU buy THEIR system and try to follow it - you do the first step okay, then you get stuck on something - then you ask them to help you, they tell you it’s $500 an hour for consulting, you say, that’s stupid, so you just give up and go buy some other system. Same thing happens - and then you are stuck where you are right now.

So I have decided to do something DIFFERENT.

Next week I am going to build a complete automated business from scratch, using the EXACT method I have explained here.

I am planning to do it in ONE WEEK, although if it takes a few days longer - that’s okay, isn’t it?

And then I am going to launch it.

And people are going to enroll (pay me to enroll, remember).

And those people are going to use my system and make money.

And I am going to make more because I will make a little bit of each purchase, all the way through the system.

And if you choose to work with me - I am going to give you 100% access to EVERYTHING I do - including the exact brainstorming process I use - including my notes, my research, EXACTLY where I buy the software to make each part of this work (there are several parts that have to work together) and you are going to watch me as I implement EACH STEP and make each part work together.

You are literally going to go behind the scenes with me as I build a brand new full time business 100% from scratch in just one week.

And because you are going to see every step that I do - because I am going use a screen capture video that will run continuously while I am working and building this - so you get to see EVERY STEP, even the mistakes - you can simply COPY what I do and build your own system.

Would you like that?

If so - let’s talk about the price.

I am going to be transparent here.

When my system is completed, I plan to sell the end user at $37. Then there will be a $197 upsell (I haven’t decided what will be in the upsell, I can say this: it will be INCREDIBLE VALUE and should convert at 33%)

I plan to sell 100 people per month into the system.

Each person that comes into the system and uses my copy and paste - plug in autopilot system will make me about $180 or more per person, just like the scenario I gave you earlier.

That is $18,000 per month (100 users times $180 per user)

And I am going to show you EXACTLY every step of the way as I create this entire system from scratch. In fact, I almost went in earlier today and started doing some of the work - but I said, no, I’m not going to do that - because I want YOU to be able to see EVERY STEP LIVE as I do it.

So every thing I do to create a $18,000 per month income - you can copy.

At the SAME TIME if you want to.

I will even set up a separate paypal account so you can see the payments coming in. I will set up a separate aweber account so you can see all the lists being created. I will be doing everything from scratch, the same way you can do it (even though I could just use my old paypal account and my old aweber account and everything else I already have in place, but I want you to see this FROM SCRATCH the way you would do it yourself.

So - what would that be worth to you?

To learn how to become a “Johnny” so that YOU are the one making money instead of the one who just keeps stumbling and bumbling around hoping you will finally luck into the right thing - when in reality - you will probably NEVER make it doing it the way you have been doing it because frankly the entire system is against you - the Johnnys are the ones making the money online, and if you want to make it big - you gotta become a Johnny, right?

Many people might be willing to invest $18,000 one time to learn how to make $18,000 per month for the rest of their life.

You probably would, too, if you knew that you could do it, right?

By the way - let me say this clearly - loud and clear - I am NOT guaranteeing you that you will make $18,000 or even one dollar by enrolling to watch me build a brand new autopilot business from scratch.

In fact, I can personally guarantee you that if all you did is watch you will NOT make any money at all.

And I can also say this - what I am going to be showing you is proprietary, which means 2 things: 1) You must agree not to teach ANYONE what I teach you about the system I am going to create. You can use it to make as much money as you want - but you CANNOT teach anyone else how to do it.

There are NO REFUNDS. I have been completely upfront about exactly how this system is going to work. Most of the time, when I see someone teaching a new system like this they give you a list of all things you WON’T have to do, like PPC, CPV, CPA, blah, blah, blah, but they never tell you what they ARE going to teach you. So you are taking a real risk because you have no idea what kind of system they are going to teach you. But in this case, I have been VERY clear about what system I am going to create, and what I am going to teach you. And if you have just skimmed this letter instead of reading the whole thing, I suggest you read it all the way through so you know what you are going to be learning. So to reiterate, there will be no refunds. It simply wouldn’t be fair to everyone who pays full price for access, for some schmuck to come along, study the material, then say, “I’ve decided I don’t want to do this, I want my money back”. You wouldn’t want that to happen to you, right? And I don’t want that to happen here.

By the way, if you don’t like my terms, please just close this page. Keep doing what you have been doing. You will keep getting the same results, for sure.

Because it doesn’t matter to me if you buy into this or not. Because there are plenty of people who would willingly pay me 5 times MORE than I am going to ask for access - so if you don’t like my terms - please, just close this page now.

So if you are still reading - I take it you accept my terms.

This backdoor access would easily be worth a one time payment of $18,000 to learn how to make $18,000 per month on autopilot, once you set things up.

But....I know that $18,000 would require a lot of justification on your part. And of course, you might be one of those people who learns how to do it but doesn’t take action and actually do it. And $18,000 would be a lot to invest like that.

So I have decided to make this a no-brainer.

Because I don’t want you to have to think too hard on this, because I am going to start doing the work and building the system in the next few days, and if you don’t get in fast, you won’t be able to see what I am doing each day as I am doing it, and frankly, you will get behind very quickly.

So...instead of $18,000,

instead of $9,000....

you get complete access to watch every step of the way, as I build this entire system from scratch, for only one incredibly low price....

Which I am not going to reveal yet...and here's why -

because I wanted to make sure you read this entire page before getting access to the price - (which isn't $9000, that's for sure). In fact, it's so low you will be able to make a decision fast -

So...I am going to reveal the special price only to those individuals who are serious about learning how to build a business using my new business model -

The available spots at the special price are 100% first come first served.

So if you want to get access to the special price - and have a chance to be one of the first people who can get in at the special price...use this page here: get first come first served early access pricing here

Hey, I gotta go now -

I hope you are *IN* -

You see, I really want to see you succeed!

I've done it - and now it's YOUR TURN!

To your success,

Fellow Internet Marketer,

Sean Mize