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From: Sean Mize, 10:12 AM

Dear Friend,

If you are interested in radically increasing your internet marketing results ... then this is going to be the most exciting message you ever read.

Here's why:

I have just finished recording an amazing new CD series called, "My Complete Home Study Course." In this 16 - CD series, I cover just about everything you need to know about using some incredible, little known, techniques for supercharging your internet marketing and getting many times your current results in the same time.

I start at the beginning, with step by step instructions and go through the entire internet marketing information business process, from the beginning, all the way up to the most advanced techniques I use...giving you over 14 hours of complete internet marketing instruction.

Imagine being able to create an entire internet marketing information business in just weeks instead of months or years.  Wouldn't that be great?

Or what about if you could get others to create products for you, instead of having to labor over them yourself?  How would that feel if you could do this?

Imagine being able to create a line of products, or use someone else's affiliate products, to create a fulltime income...and imagine getting to a fulltime income in just months, not years. It truly is possible, but you need to know how.

That's what this brand new CD series could help you to do.

And it's not like any other CD series you've ever listened to on radically increasing your internet marketing results.


Simply, every track on these CDs is there because "you asked for it" or because it is vitally necessary for your growth and success in internet marketing.  Well, not "you" really. But from real live questions. Questions from people who love using my incredible, little known, techniques for supercharging your article marketing and getting many times your current results in the same time.

 My personal subscribers and coaching program clients have been literally begging me to reveal my closest secrets regarding internet marketing, and how I consistently crank out thousands of dollars in profit per month ... and in my brand new "Complete Home Study Course" I reveal it all, exactly the methods I use to get new products on the market fast, guarantee myself that a new product will sell...long before I even begin creating the product, create a large list of highly responsive buyers, and create a strong sales funnel for the highest level of profit in your online business.

I don't drone on and on giving you useless info about how internet marketing is 'supposed' to work'...or how it 'can' work...but I literally reveal every technique I use to supercharge my own internet marketing.

Which means no fluff. Just the real answers you want to know.

You'll discover all types of exciting tips.

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll discover in "Complete Home Study Course":

R   How to determine EXACTLY what the people on your list will buy...before you even write or record the first word of your first product (I have personally created over 5 products using this method).

R    3 simple ways to use list building to leverage massive publicity and traffic to your web site (did you know that you can QUADRUPLE the traffic to your site using autoresponders - committing just 5 minutes per day to this step?)

R   The little-known way to create new products that will sell off your web site 24-7, in days, not months or weeks - saving you hours of time and hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars.

R   5 proven steps to writing a highly persuasive, informative squeeze page that makes readers literally demand to click through to your web site and get more information (or buy something) from you.

R   2 simple keys to use article marketing to generate traffic, both short term and long term (and why missing this critical distinction can literally kill your article marketing campaign).

R   AMAZING! Discover in a matter of minutes how to rewrite your existing articles with a new set of keywords...allowing you to leverage your keyword - optimized writing time by 10 - 20 times.

R   4 proven strategies for creating membership programs that guarantee you monthly income - month after month, even if you take time off from the internet from time to time.

R   7 tips and tricks for supercharging your internet marketing...including creating CDs and high ticket products to deliver maximum value to your subscribers.

R   A dirt-cheap way to get highly targeted traffic without spending an arm and a leg.

R  A free and easy way to build your list online, so that you are not spending hours or hundreds of dollars building a list of subscribers and buyers.

R   Have you been looking for this for ages? Discover how to create one new product per month in literally just a few hours per week.  Imagine the success you can have online if you have 5 or 10 products of your own, instead of just one or two (or none).

R   How to use speech recognition software and audio recordings to quickly create content, and how to have it transcribed into articles and ebooks, including a list of companies that specialize in web content transcription.

R   REVEALED! The hidden truth behind submitting to multiple article directories...truth is, there are only a few you need to submit to in order to get fast direct traffic...and I list each of them in 'Complete Home Study Course'.

R   Your secret weapon for testing and tracking that can instantly improve your revenue and profits by over 7 times.

R   My private list of 15 sources to find article and ebook ghostwriters...ghostwriters who are specifically skilled in writing articles, ebooks, and web content.

And that's just a fraction of what you'll find out in my "Complete Home Study Course" That's why you should own these CDs today.


Modules Contained in this CD Series:


Module 1:

Introduction to the Complete Home Study Course (2 CDs)

(In this module I go into great detail on HOW and WHY my system makes me so much money ... and how it can work for you too)

Module 2:

Getting Started (2 CDs)

  • How to Find Your Own Profitable Niche

  • Creating Your Own Web Site and Squeeze Page

Module 3:

Building A List (4 CDs)

  • Complete Advanced Introduction and Analysis to List Building

  • My Own Personal Autoresponder Methods and Secrets

  • How to Leverage Your Traffic For Up to 4 Times Higher Profits and Sales

Module 4:

Driving Huge Targeted Traffic With Article Marketing (3 CDs)

  • My Personal Insights Into Article Marketing - And Why it is Good for More Than Just Traffic

  • How to Leverage Your Time Online By Having Others Write Your Articles For You

  • Discover How to Use Article Marketing to Generate the Highest Quality Traffic On Earth!

Module 5:

Product Creation (3 CDs)

  • How to Create Products Guaranteed to Sell Even Before You Create Them

  • How to Create a Highly Profitable Sales Funnel in a Short Period of Time Online

  • The Easy Types of Memberships and High Ticket Products to Create For Maximum Online Income

Module 6:

The Best For Last (2 CDs)

  • My Personal Testing and Tracking System Analyzed, Broken Down, and Easy for You to Implement

  • A Quick and Easy Summary of Everything I Have Taught in the Series

  • Advanced Techniques and Nuancing That Make You The Most Money Fast


I'm Also Throwing In a Complete 200 Page Printed Manual

That's right...I know that in addition to listening to this material, you will also want to see some of it in print.  So I have compiled a 200 page manual that takes you through each step of the process I teach in this massive CD series...and have put it into a 3 ring binder so you can easily refer to it, along with the CDs.

This printed manual contains some of my most advanced material, and it is arranged in such a way that it literally goes with the CD series, section by section.

What's a resource like this worth?

To have someone do all this research for you would normally cost you thousands of dollars (I should know, I have spent far more than $40,000 learning everything I reveal in this CD series!). Particularly laser-guided accurate information like this - SPECIFICALLY for using some incredible, little known, techniques for supercharging your internet marketing and getting many times your current results in the same time.. This isn't some boiler-plate collection of answers.

Everything is explained in PLAIN English. Which means it's dead-easy to listen to and understand. And it's logically laid out.

As you know, I have not produced any CD or audio products like this.  Most online marketers price these types of products at between $997 and $5997 for the level of information I reveal in these CDs (basically everything - everything I know and use about internet marketing).  Keep in mind, I make over $15,347 per month, using internet information marketing. And in this CD series, I reveal EXACTLY how I do it, and alot of the nuancing behind my success.

In the long run, I plan to add this product to my 'sales funnel' at $2000.  This will eventually be one of my entry - level sales funnel products, and will be 'mandatory listening' for anyone who wants to gain access to my high ticket coaching products.

But because it is physical, unlike the digital products I normally produce, I have to invest in having all the CDs produced, the packages created, the physical manuals printed, etc.

And I believe in running the physical products side of my internet business the same way I run the digital products...I want the revenues from my products to finance the future products.

Because of that, I am only willing to produce 20 copies initially, rather than spending thousands of dollars producing all of the copies I will eventually sell, and I have decided to make the initial 20 copies available to you, my loyal subscribers, for only $999 $497 to each of the first 20 people who buy this today.

Yes, you read that right...only $497 for an entire 16 - CD series, plus a complete 200 page printed manual of the very information I use to run my $15,000+ online income.

That's right, a fraction of what it's really worth or what it cost me to research. Why would I make it so affordable? Simply because I want to make it affordable to you, my loyal subscriber.  You have purchased my ebooks, you have applied my methods, patiently waiting for me to come up with a complete product - one that addresses every single internet marketing issue you can dream of - and I want to reward you for your patience by practically giving this away (that's right - once you factor in my time and the cost of producing the actual CDs - including the cost of the physical bonuses - this is a real steal).

The bottom line is I'll be able to offer this fantastic resource of information (which if you follow the tips contained on these CDs could really give you some amazing benefits) to more people. And make my investment back over time.

  No matter what however, it's a bargain for you. And yes, I plan on raising the price from $497 to the $2000 price very soon. Once I sell out the initial production run, I intend to raise the price. So you'll want to be quick if you want to save some money.

$497 is a drop in the ocean compared to what you learn with these secrets.

And don't worry, if for any reason you're not happy with the content, you have a complete guarantee to protect your investment.


Hey, you're my customer. And if you're not happy, it looks bad on me. So if you're not happy with what you discover from "Complete Home Study Course" I don't expect ... or want ... to keep your money. Just simply send the entire package back to me within 30 days in resalable condition and I'll happily refund your money in full (in fact, I'd be embarrassed to keep it).


But... the electronic bonuses are yours to keep no matter what,
as a "thank you" gift from me!


Okay? So you really can't lose! The bonuses are yours no matter what.

That's about as fair as it gets, don't you agree?

Well let me tell you what I'll also do to make this the best investment you ever make. I'm going to throw in some free bonuses that are literally worth more in money terms than my CD series itself!

Simply grab your copy of "Complete Home Study Course" right now, and here's what I'll throw in:




FREE BONUS #1: "Cash Flow Business Model"


R   Proven strategy for building a membership business model - without any membership software at all (this one strategy is worth more than the price of this book).

R   7 tips and tricks for carving more time out of your day for your online business - even if you work fulltime and can hardly scrape a few hours of free time together each week to work on your business.

R   A dirt-cheap way to drive traffic to your web site that is actually 10 times more qualified and responsive than expensive google advertising.

R  A free and easy way to create your own products from scratch, and create exactly the products your traffic is drooling to purchase from you.


FREE BONUS #2: "Guaranteed Search Engine Rankings"


R   Discover how to determine your competitor's strengths and the exact steps they are taking to get their own rankings, so you can copy their steps exactly, best them a little - and get a higher ranking than them!

R   How to build a strong network of inbound links fast - using just 3 easy methods of creating fast inbound links to your web site.

R   REVEALED! The hidden truth behind search engine optimization and why the seo 'experts' want you to think you have to do a ridiculous number of complicated tasks just to get ranked high in the search engines (they are wrong, by the way).

R   Your secret weapon for getting as many backlinks to your web site as the big boys (and girls :-)) - without the hard work.


FREE BONUS #3: "Live Questions and Answers to Your Article Marketing and List Building Questions" - 2 CD Series


Over the course of the summer, I hosted 2 article marketing and list building questions and answers teleseminars, where I answered article marketing and list building questions 100% live, answering questions that were asked in advance, and even answering a few that were asked on the call.  These 2 CDs include a whole bunch of down-to-earth off-the-cuff responses to questions you and other subscribers asked me live.


FREE BONUS #4: "Step by Step Autoresponder Tutorial"


This amazing bonus is all about setting up your first autoresponder account, creating your list, and loading in your first email sequence.


You'll discover:


R   How to effortlessly create the html code to put on your squeeze page (don't worry, I show you exactly how to copy and paste it into your squeeze page in the squeeze page creator I include in "My Personal Online Cash Flow Business Model") (that's one of your bonuses too).

R   How to route your autoresponder so that once someone subscribes they are automatically forwarded to one of your sales pages.

R   How to integrate your free gift download with your autoresponder so that your new subscribers can easily and automatically download it.

Not bad, right? But that's not all you get! Because I'm also throwing in:


FREE BONUS #5: "Bum Marketing Secrets Revealed"


Are you beginning to see how valuable this package is? With this bonus you'll know the essentials about writing quick articles for article marketing and submission to the article directories so you can drive fast and responsive traffic to your web site... and how to convert your article traffic to instant clickbank and other affiliate sales.


Note:  This information follows a slightly different path than I normally teach...but this book reveals some key insights into article marketing and monetizing it, so I think it will add to your power online.


Here's what is revealed:


R   How to succeed beyond your wildest dreams in bum marketing in five easy steps – you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to do when you follow these tips.

R   How to find hot niches that will explode your profits – it’s much easier than you think … learn more here!

R   How to churn out at least five articles an hour without even breaking a sweat – these tips will put you on the fast track to success.


FREE BONUS #6: "How to Write Your Own Full-Length Ebooks in Just Days or Weeks, Not Months"


Are you beginning to see how valuable this package is? With this bonus you'll know the essentials about writing your own ebook...fast.  I normally write my 100 pages ebooks in just 3-4 days - and you can easily do it in just a week or two - even your first time!


Here's what is revealed:


R   How to organize your ebook into multiple sections that are easy to write, one page at a time.  This takes away alot of the stress of creating your first product - just follow this easy formula to crank out your first ebook in just days or a week or two.

R   How to write an ebook that will generate massive action on the part of your buyers - and have them demanding that you write more products fast!

R   How to format your ebook for a professional and easy to read look, and how to easily convert it into a pdf so you can deliver it online immediately..

Imagine how you'd feel if you knew these things! YOURS FREE when you order "Complete Home Study Course." You are reading this, aren't you?


Phew...that's some list of FREE Gifts, right? A total of $1473 in bonuses

They're each worth every cent. But hey, they're yours FREE. Congratulations!

 But I don't know how long I'll keep these bonuses up there. It's part of a marketing test I'm doing. They're worth a lot to me in my heart, and at any time I could take them down forever. So if you want them, get in quick.


You can't leave this page empty handed, can you?

For a mere $497, you're getting the answers you need ... PLUS MORE. Now, you can only get this product from me. It's not available in libraries or anywhere else on the net. Just imagine being able to listen to me - in the comfort of your car or home - reveal to you step by step exactly what I do to generate over $15,000 each and every month.

Keep in mind, I am only producing 20 copies in this first run, and I expect these to sell out in a short period of time...perhaps only minutes after I release this page.  If you are going to buy this CD series and accompanying manual, and you don't want to pay $997 or even $2000 for them...buy them now, while they are still available, and for just $497!


Wishing you great success.


Sean Mize

P.S. Don't forget, you're getting $1473 worth of bonuses for just a fraction of that price. Everything to get you started in using some incredible, little known, techniques for supercharging your internet marketing and getting many times your current results in the same time.. So if that's what you want to do, this is the opportunity you've been waiting for.

P.P.S.  Do you want to get a head start on making huge money online in 2009?  Why not learn my techniques NOW...and be ready to make big money online in 2009...ahead of everyone else?

P.P.P.S.  Look, I know you want these CDs and the manual (and don't forget the bonuses).  You know you NEED this package.  Buy it now before the price jumps to $997 or even $2000 (by the way, that is not a high-pressure tactic; I have designed this package as a high-ticket item for 2009...and am offering it to you for just $497, because you are a loyal subscriber in 2008).